The Power and Promise of Humane Education

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Inspiring young people to live humane values is among the most important work you can do to build a better world.

Unprecedented global challenges require novel approaches. Old methods of education don’t help us address pressing issues, such as environmental decline, human rights violations and cruelty to animals. Popular culture often makes things worse by glorifying celebrity, violence, and greed. How can you help young people better themselves and the world?

You can help the next generation decrease suffering, oppression and destruction and create positive change for a kind, just, sustainable world.

In The Power and Promise of Humane Education, learn how to engage young people to explore social justice, environmental ethics, animal protection and more. Get the keys to unlock each young person’s potential – and your own — to be a force for good and to help lead us to a better future:

  • Accurate information, so they’ll make more conscious decisions that advance the world they – and you – want to see.
  • Reverence, respect, and responsibility for the earth and its inhabitants, inspiring the young people you touch to make better choices.
  • Curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking that reveal different perspectives and new solutions.
  • Positive choices that provide a path for action and that engender energy and hope.

Students are usually eager to learn more about what’s happening around them and how they can have impact. The Power and Promise of Humane Education shows you all that humane education has to offer them and the world.

Get activities, stories, examples, case studies, resources and more to help implement your own program. This inviting and easy-to-use book is written for teachers, activists, educational reformers and homeschooling parents. Learn how to bring humane education to classrooms, youth groups, camps, religious settings or other gatherings.

“A pleasure to read and filled with useful information and resources for everyone who cares about kids and the future of life on Earth, ‘The Power and Promise of Humane Education’ is an incredibly important book. The longing to give and to serve is part of a child’s essential nature,  and this book provides insights and practical tools to awaken the highest values in children, helping to raise a new generation that thrives in service and contribution.”
 ~ Ocean Robbins, Founder, Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES), author, “Choices for Our Future”