Above All, Be Kind

How can you help children be happy, self-confident and caring while creating a better world?

Above All, Be Kind shows you how to teach children to be humane in the broadest sense: not only to become more compassionate towards family and friends, but also to make choices that demonstrate respect for the environment, other species, and all people.

Imagine that the next generation has the commitment and skills to solve the most pressing challenges of our time. Above All Be Kind helps parents and other adults like you nurture that generation.

Above All, Be Kind gives you the tools to nurture happier children, deeper family relationships, and a better world:

  • “The best qualities of human beings” to inspire you and to help you identify the qualities you want to develop in your children.
  • A unique questionnaire to explore how well you’re living your values, so that you can become a better role model for what matters most to you.
  • Accurate information, so that you and your children will be thoughtful citizens who make more conscious, life-affirming decisions.
  • Dynamic activities that teach critical thinking and engender respect for all people, animals, and the environment, bringing together everything you care about.
  • Practical tips, stories and examples that make it easier to implement change in any and all aspects of your life.

“’Above All, Be Kind’ is one of the most important books in the humane education movement. It is written with clarity, conviction, courage, and hope. Hard facts along with deep compassion and heart fill its pages. This book will empower children and adults to act to make this a more peaceful, sustainable, and humane world. No matter how much your day is filled with busy-ness, above all, read this book and share its brilliance.”
 ~ Mark Bekoff, author of “Minding Animals,” co-author (with Jane Goodall) of “The Ten Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love”