Why Does the World Need Solutionaries?

In so many ways, the world is getting better. On average, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. Extreme poverty has declined significantly. Previously disenfranchised groups have gained rights and opportunities that their grandparents only dreamed of. In many countries the air and water are cleaner than they were fifty years ago. Most people believe animals should not be treated cruelly. These shifts remind us that positive change is possible when people collaborate to address injustice and destruction.

At the same time, some problems are getting worse. The Earth continues to warm. Half of all species may become extinct by the end of the century. Nuclear weapons pose a very grave danger. Profound injustices persist, and human slavery and trafficking across the globe have not declined. Relentless cruelty to animals is the norm in the growing meat industry.

The world needs solutionaries because these problems and atrocities must end.

  • Solutionaries transform unjust, inhumane, and unsustainable systems so that people, animals, and nature can thrive.
  • Instead of arguing about issues, solutionaries work together across divides to solve problems.

The world needs you to be a solutionary and to educate others to be solutionaries!

Watch Zoe Weil’s acclaimed first TEDx talk, The World Becomes What We Teach, to understand the vision behind IHE’s work to educate the solutionary generation.

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