Who We Are

The World Becomes What We Teach.

Our purpose is to create a just, humane, and sustainable world through education. Let’s work together to achieve this goal.

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) teaches about the interconnected and pressing issues that impact all life – humans, other animals, and the earth we share – and provides individuals of all ages with the tools to be solutionaries for a better world.

We work to create a better world by:

  • offering people the opportunity to accelerate and deepen their changemaking skills through accredited online graduate programs, individual online courses, and in-person workshops.
  • providing educators, activists, and compassionate citizens with free and easy online access to thousands of relevant resources.
  • advocating, writing, and speaking widely, so that as many individuals and influencers as possible know about humane education and our work.
  • working to redefine the purpose of education through our solutions-focused initiatives, including our Solutionary Congress Program.

What is a Solutionary?

Solutionary: (noun) [suh-LOO-shuh-ner-ee] a person who uses their knowledge and skills to create solutions to our global challenges that are just, humane, and sustainable for all people, animals, and the earth. A person who strives to do the most good and least harm to people, other species, and the environment.

What is MOGO?

MOGO, short for “most good,” is a quick way of thinking about the fundamental question that underlies humane education: How can each of us, through our daily choices, work, communities, and volunteerism do the most good and the least harm to ourselves, other people, animals, and the environment?

The Essential Elements of Humane Education

To ensure that people have the skills and experiences to be solutionaries for a more just, humane, and healthy world, humane educators must enable others to:

Acquire Knowledge

by preparing them to be enthusiastic and effective researchers who are able to obtain accurate information about interconnected global challenges and discern fact from opinion and conjecture.

Think Deeply

by developing their critical-, creative-, strategic-, and systems-thinking skills.

Make Compassionate & Responsible Choices

by fostering wonder and appreciation for the natural world; empathy for people and animals; and a commitment to doing the most good and least harm.

Focus On Solutions

by providing opportunities to collaboratively engage in problem-solving; implement ideas; and assess and improve upon them.