TEDx talk: The World Becomes What You Teach

Among the most inspirational and best TED talks on education is Zoe Weil’s popular TEDx talk, “The World Becomes What You Teach,” which led to the launch and spread of the solutionary learning movement.

Within a year of its upload, “The World Becomes What You Teach” became among the 50 most popular TEDx talks and continues to reach thousands of people who are adopting its ideas in classrooms across the globe.

See why we consider “The World Becomes What You Teach” to be the best TED talk on education! 

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is one of the most amazing speeches I’ve ever heard.”

“BRILLIANT! Zoe’s idea would change school from being boring, to interesting and meaningful, while still teaching the usual fundamentals. And it would actually lead to a better world!”

“Outstanding. When we shift to examining the purpose of education, we become less attached to how we do it (aka: how we’ve always done it) and more committed to why we do it.” 

“A really life-changing talk!”

“Thanks from the heart, Zoe. You are an inspiration. ‘Solutionaries’ is a whole new word with a whole lot of meaning!”

Providing a vision and practical ideas

There is a way to create a more just, sustainable, and humane world, and this TEDx talk on education shares how. 

Says Zoe, “We need a bigger vision for the purpose of schooling. And I believe that it should be this: that we provide every student with the knowledge, the tools, and the motivation to be conscientious choice-makers and engaged change-makers for a restored and healthy and humane world for all. Or another way of putting it, I believe that we need to graduate a generation of solutionaries.”

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