by Zoe Weil

At the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) we’re in the midst of our 6-week online course, Teaching for a Positive Future.

During the course, educators complete exercises every other day that help them to bring humane education issues to their students, at whatever level and in whatever venue they teach.

They watch short films, explore their passion for and beliefs about the value of education, learn about global issues relevant to their students, connect with and learn from each other and the course facilitator, and put what they’re learning into practice in their classrooms and teaching.

We always check in with the students mid-way, and here’s what participants are saying:

“I love, love, love the course!  I love everything about it  – the topics, the reading, the videos links, the online commons!”

“This course is so insightful and interesting – I’m really enjoying it!  I’m so excited to begin thinking about what I can implement in my classes next semester.”

“The course is exactly what I needed.”

“I am LOVING the course.”

“The course … is wonderful and I’m lapping up the course book. It is food for the soul.”

Imagine what would happen if more and more educators took this course and learned how to incorporate the pressing global issues we face into their curricula so that their students could gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be solutionaries for a humane, healthy, and just world for all.


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