Resources: Greatest Impact

Greatest Impact

Groups of students analyze the impact of behaviors and product choices to determine which choices have the greatest impact on the environment, on human health and well-being, and on other species. Recommended for grades 9 and up. Time: Several weeks to a month   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core for…

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Resources: Free at Last?

Free at Last?

Use visuals of everyday things around us to introduce and explore the concepts of freedom and oppression. Recommended for grades 5 through 8. Time: 15-30 minutes   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core for grades 5-8.     Find out how some of our other activities connect to Common Core Standards…

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Resources: Don't Tread On Me

Don’t Tread on Me: Exploring Oppression

This activity helps students think critically about what oppression is and who gets oppressed, and invites them to consider ways they can promote justice and equality. Recommended for grades 6 and up. Time: 60-90 minutes   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core for grades 6-8. Download Common Core for grades 9-12….

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Resources: What does Humane World look like?

Circle of Compassion

What is compassion? Who and what are in our circles of compassion? This activity serves as a springboard for exploring compassion and uses “scenario” stations to inspire participants to think about who’s in their circle of compassion and why, and what they can do to make a positive difference for those being oppressed. Recommended for…

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Resources: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Participants explore the hidden lives of their everyday stuff by investigating how ordinary products come into existence & who/what has been helped or harmed in the creation & distribution of that product. Recommended for grades 6 and up. Time: 45 minutes to several weeks   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core…

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Alien in the Ethical Universe

Alien in the Ethical Universe

Participants receive a visit from a traveling alien on a fact-finding mission to learn how beings treat other beings on Earth.  Answering the alien’s questions reveals the inconsistencies in how our society encourages us to treat others and encourages students to think critically about our choices. Recommended for grades 5-8. Time: 20-45 minutes   Common…

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girl with blocks

12 Children’s Picture Books That Challenge Traditional Gender Roles

by Marsha Rakestraw Each May and June in the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Moms usually receive pretty, smelly, “girly” stuff, and dad’s get yet another manly tie, cologne, or something to BBQ. Just one of the countless ways we perpetuate the stereotypes and biases about what women and men are supposed…

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13 Resources for Teaching About White Privilege

by Marsha Rakestraw “…the single greatest advantage of white privilege is that a white person may be completely unaware of its existence.” ~ Michael Spangenberger, educator Many of us can go into a store and browse without worry that we’ll be monitored or accosted. We see people who look like us in the media. We…

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14 Must-Read Books for Activists

by Marsha Rakestraw We become activists when we learn about an issue or challenge and are inspired to take positive action. Teenager Natalie Warne learned about child soldiers when she watched a documentary in class. She was inspired to become an intern for Invisible Children and help get an important law passed. Economist Muhammad Yunus…

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Cultivating Compassionate Kids: 10 Children’s Picture Books

by Marsha Rakestraw One of the deepest wishes of many parents is that their children will grow up as thoughtful citizens, showing compassion for people, animals and the earth throughout their lives. Reading and discussing children’s picture books is a great tool for helping children embrace compassion for others. Here are 10 suggested titles: 1….

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