Resources: Human rights for all?

Derechos Humanos Para Todos?

Esta actividad ayuda a los estudiantes a familiarizarse con la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos. Grados: 9 en adelante.Time: 45-60 minutes Related IHE Resources: El estómago de la Ballena

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Resources: Cast your Vote

Emite tu voto

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre el “costo oculto” en los productos que utilizan de manera cotidiana y ponen en práctica sus valores al “votar” o elegir alternativas a los productos que compran regularmente Grados: 6 en adelanteDuración: 60-90 minutes Recursos Relacionados de IHE: Be a C.R.I.T.I.C, True Price

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Resources: Cast your Vote

Cast Your Vote

Students learn about the “hidden costs” in everyday products and practice voting their values by “buying” different kinds of items. Grades: 6 and upTime: 60-90 minutes Related IHE Resources: Be a C.R.I.T.I.C, True Price

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Resources: Human rights for all?

Human Rights for All?

This activity familiarizes students with the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and inspires them to think about ways to take action. Recommended for: Grades 9 and up.Time: 45-60 minutes Related IHE Resources: Power Chat

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Resources: Whom do you Pet?

Whom Do You Pet & Whom Do You Eat?

What are our relationships with different kinds of animals, and why do those relationships exist? Lead students in an activity that explores why we treat different types of animals differently, and how we can learn to view them with different eyes.

Recommended grades: 5 and upTime: 60 minutes

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Different kinds of Lego people lined up in rows on a grey surface

Where Are the People Like Me?

Students assess examples of media (catalogs, magazines, books, etc.) to consider who is (and isn’t) represented, explore the impact of lack of diversity in media, and realize their own rich experiences with diversity.

Recommended for grades: 4 and up
Time: 45-60 minutes

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Resources: Racism Alphabet

Racism Alphabet

Lesson for teaching about racism: students explore examples of racism, consider perspectives, and discuss ways to eradicate racism in our society.

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Resources: What Will you Say?

What Will You Say?

At the end of your very long life, a child asks you what you did to help make the world so much better. Guide students through this visualization to help them get in touch with their power to make positive change.

Recommended grades: 6 and up
Time: 10-20 minutes

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Help students explore and reflect upon their snap perceptions of others and show how stereotypes can limit receptivity.

Grades: 6 and up
Time: 20-30 minutes

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Resources: Think Therefore I Act

I Think Therefore I Act

Based on the Privilege Walk, this activity encourages students/participants to develop an awareness of the kinds of choices we make every day that impact other people, nonhuman animals, and the environment.

Recommended Grades: 9 and up
Time: A few class periods

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