MOGO Questionnaire

The MOGO Questionnaire and Action Plan gives you the opportunity to reflect on your choices and your vision for your life and put into words some concrete goals. Most Questions are divided into three parts: a) What you currently do (so that you can identify the ways you’re already living your values) b) What you…

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Why Embracing Responsibility is Liberating, Joyful, and World-changing

Zoe Weil is a blogger for Psychology Today (PT), and twice a month we share her blog posts here. Enjoy! Take responsibility. When you read this command, how does it make you feel? If you’re like many people, your shoulders may slump. You may feel triggered by childhood memories of parents and teachers admonishing you with those…

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dinner party

How’d That Get on My Plate?

Everybody eats, but how often do we stop to think about how the food on our plates got there and about the impacts of that food on people, animals and the planet? This activity encourages participants to explore how sample ingredients in our food might affect the environment, people, and animals, and what alternatives might…

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