Children wearing handprint t-shirts and raising their arms high

14 Children’s Picture Books Exploring Race and Racism

by Marsha Rakestraw Studies show that children can learn racially-biased behaviors as young as three and learn to categorize people by race (non-verbally) at as young as six months. Yet we’re often reluctant to talk about race, or we pretend that being “color blind” is the least harmful choice. It’s vital that we as parents…

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Privilege Global Issues Guide

Find suggested books, websites, articles, videos, lesson plans, activities and other resources to help you learn and/or teach about issues related to privilege (including white privilege).

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Resources: Racism Alphabet

Racism Alphabet

Students explore examples of racism, consider perspectives about racism by writing a story, and discuss ways to eradicate racism in our society. Recommended for grades 8-12. Time: a few class periods

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Reclaiming Billboards

In Your Face: Reclaiming Billboards

Billboards are omnipresent in most communities and on many roadways. These in-our-face ads can have a powerful influence on us. Students explore issues surrounding billboards and the values billboard ads promote and  design new billboards that help reclaim their visual space and restore value in their communities and culture. Recommended for grades 9 and up….

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Different kinds of Lego people lined up in rows on a grey surface

Where Are the People Like Me?

Students assess examples of  media (catalogs, magazines, books, etc.) to consider who is (and isn’t represented) and to explore the impact of lack of diversity in media and their own rich experiences with diversity. Recommended for grades 4-10. Time: 45-60 minutes

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Resources: Me Against My brother

Me Against My Brother: An Exploration of Genocide

Students explore genocide, its broader impacts, and develop a means for taking action to prevent or address genocide. Recommended for grades 8 and up. Time: Several days to several weeks   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core for grade 8. Download Common Core for grades 9-12.   Find out how some…

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Resources: Don't Tread On Me

Don’t Tread on Me: Exploring Oppression

This activity helps students think critically about what oppression is and who gets oppressed, and invites them to consider ways they can promote justice and equality. Recommended for grades 6 and up. Time: 60-90 minutes   Common Core Standards for this activity (pdf): Download Common Core for grades 6-8. Download Common Core for grades 9-12….

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Resources: Dare to be different

Dare to Be Different

What is prejudice? Why do some people judge others because of their differences? How can we make positive choices that reflect understanding, acceptance, and tolerance? Students learn about these issues and have a chance to “dare to be different” by altering their appearance for a day. Recommended for grades 3-5. Time: 1-2 days   Common…

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Resources: the Aliens have landed

The Aliens Have Landed: Exploring Oppression, Rights & Freedoms

Students explore oppression, rights & freedoms by participating in a scenario in which aliens have invaded Earth and humans must plead their case not to be oppressed to a Universal Court. In the extended lesson plan, students also explore and compare different kinds of oppressions related to humans and animals. Recommended for grades 8-11. Time:…

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