Student Solutionaries Inspired by Jane Goodall

Felice Clyne-Davis is an IHE grad student and a long-time teacher and humane educator in New York City. Recently her students, members of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program and piloters of our Solutionary Congress Program, were able to meet Jane and share about their solutionary work for a better world.

Felice said:

“My students worked so hard on their solutionary endeavors, which included presentations on what we can do to help combat palm oil deforestation, to address climate change, to reduce water consumption, and promote the use of non-recyclable water bottles. They all LOVED helping to pilot the Solutionary Congress!

This was a once in a lifetime experience and a memorable meeting for my current and former students to meet their hero.

They shared how they are educating others and doing their parts to change the world. I know my compassionate citizens will never forget this special fall day. They give me hope for the future.”

class projectOne of Felice’s students reported that several groups:

“… presented what they are doing to help the environment to Jane Goodall. We learned about how bees were being endangered, how people are harming the chimpanzees, etc.

Our group talked about five different problems that are occurring in this world right now, which are global warming, palm oil deforestation, child labor, the plastic water bottle situation, and homelessness.

Jane Goodall told us how she started pursuing her dream by being obsessed with animal plushies, then the science books that were about animals, then actually meeting with the animals during her career. Many people gave speeches on knowing Jane Goodall during their lifetime and how they know she does care about the environment.

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and it was also very enjoyable.”

Felice Clyne-Davis classAnother student shared how excited she was that their class was chosen to meet Jane:

“My classmates and I were squealing for joy. Our teacher, Mrs. Clyne-Davis, knew that we have worked very hard, and stated that we earned it.

About a week after we were notified, we finally were at the fair. We observed many other projects, such as green planting, and helping the bees.

When Jane Goodall arrived at our booth, we spoke to her about our project [on palm oil and on reusable bottles], how we met our goals, and how we could improve even more. She listened to us and gave us suggestions. We thanked her for the suggestions, and we wrote them down so we could work towards them.

From the day I met Jane Goodall I worked hard to protect our one and only home. Planet Earth.”

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