Testimonials about Zoe’s Presentations

“On a scale of 1 to 10, this is 11.”

Nancy Harrison, M.D., California

“Zoe Weil is a life-changing speaker. I’ve experienced it personally and seen it in others. She transforms lives and is changing the world with every presentation.”

Caryn Ginsberg, Virginia

“Zoe Weil is every conference organizer’s dream speaker: well-organized, well-spoken, informative, and entertaining. Her rankings as favorite speaker have been consistently high.”

Alex Hershaft, conference organizer

“Zoe Weil is one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy in person. She has an uncanny ability to motivate even the most apathetic audience member to act to make the world a more compassionate and merciful place.

Josh Balk, Washington D.C.

“Zoe is a phenomenal speaker with unique leadership qualities. She inspires hope everywhere she shares her wisdom. It is no wonder that with these gifts, she creates other leaders.”

Dani Dennenberg, Oregon

“I saw Zoe Weil speak at a conference, and she so inspired me to think about and see things in a completely different way that within six months I had given up my job as a business/IT consultant to become a humane educator. To say that she had a big impact on my life would be an understatement, indeed.”

Bob Schwalb, Wisconsin

“Zoe’s talk was the most inspirational experience I’ve had in years. I find myself reevaluating my life and taking time with introspection. Her talk has kindled a fire in me for a proactive life. The depth of Zoe’s passion was palpable. Her authentic living and humble honesty were refreshing and heart-opening.”

Martha Ohrenberger, Maine

What Participants Say about the Solutionary Workshop

“I am so thankful that we got to practice tools that will actually help my students become critical thinkers…. I now believe that my actions can make a change…. Thank you for today.”

Secondary school teacher

“It was incredibly engaging and gave me hope about how we can teach our children what really matters”
(college student, education major studying to be a teacher)

College student, education major studying to be a teacher

“The presenter was so well prepared and talented at teaching critical thinking…. This was an excellent day of professional development.”

Elementary school teacher

What helped me most was the process we learned about how to look at complex problems and break them down into actionable solutions.”

Humane educator

“It was a perfect blend of presentation of information and application of principles. [What will help me most are] the systems thinking concepts and the approach to critical thinking; to work through the process of a solution to a problem by exploring the different aspects and impact.”

Healthcare professional