Solutionary Program Teacher Testimonials

“The Solutionary Program addresses the need for education to be more relevant and better serve students, teachers, communities, and the world. As a former dean of admissions, I think the Solutionary Program is spectacular and much needed in our world and our schools. The students in the Solutionary Program are exactly the sort I was hoping to discover more of in the Princeton University applicant pool.”  ~ Steve LeMenager

“I feel strongly that students need to become adept at investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating ideas, and taking action. The Solutionary Program provides an ideal opportunity for my students to practice those skills in an authentic setting. It also inspires young people to go out and make their world a better place. I strongly believe this program will be meaningful – even life changing – for many students.”  ~ David Hilton, Lyman Moore Middle School teacher, Portland, ME

“I would say to the other educators, to bring the Solutionary Program to your school, do it! It’ll make you think about your practice, it will make you step out of your comfort zone, and it will open your students’ eyes to a whole new way of thinking. And it will empower them.” – Nell Herrmann, middle school teacher

“It is important for students to understand real-world issues, know they are part of a larger community, and understand how they can be a leader in advocating for positive changes for the greater good. As a person who believes in making the world a better place for all living things, this program seems to align with that belief and teaches others how to do the same by seeking solutions rather than adding to the problem.” – Educator interested in the Solutionary Program

“This is in line with my own thinking about current education needs and the kind of content, issues, and skills students need to work with and manage. In terms of my current context, this also connects to several of our current and upcoming initiatives related to long term transfer goals, project based learning, and authentic, complex assessments.” – Educator interested in the Solutionary Program

“I can see applying this program in a number of courses we offer. Having this instruction would serve to elevate the courses.” – Educator interested in the Solutionary Program