Solutionary Program Online Course

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“Education is the root system underlying all other systems. Given the grave and potentially catastrophic problems we face, it is critical that we provide young people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to address our pressing challenges in order to transform unsustainable and unjust systems into ones that are humane, healthy, and peaceful.”  ~ Zoe Weil, IHE president

Education is key to creating a better world for all people, animals, and the earth.

In this 11-module, asynchronous, online course*, teachers will gain a foundation for integrating the Solutionary Program into their classrooms. (“Asynchronous” means that course participants learn the material at different times online. Participants are from many different time zones.)

The Solutionary Program is an academic program which:

  • engages students in learning and caring about complex, interconnected issues
  • celebrates their passions
  • nurtures their compassion
  • provides an authentic learning experience that connects them to their community and the world
  • helps them develop vital solutionary and systems-thinking skills

The goal of the Solutionary Program Online Course is to provide teachers with foundational knowledge and skills to implement the Solutionary Program, so that they and their students become solutionaries who address local and global challenges in ways that do the most good and least harm for people, animals, and the planet.

By taking the Solutionary Program Online Course, teachers will be able to:

  • Identify, model, and apply the attributes of a solutionary inside and outside of the classroom
  • Share their work with an authentic audience
  • Explain and apply the Solutionary Program outcomes:
    • View the world with wonder, respect, and empathy and embrace responsibility in order to make compassionate choices
    • Understand who a Solutionary is
    • Identify crucial global problems that impact our ability to sustain a just, humane, and sustainable world
    • Use critical and systems thinking to define those problems
    • Use effective research methods to gather information relevant to solving those problems
    • Use solutionary thinking and systems-thinking tools to create possible solutions
    • Develop and use methodologies for selecting best solutions
    • Iterate and continuously improve solutions


$197 USD per person
$175 per person for groups of 2 or more from the same school
$175 for IHE graduate program alumni or current students
(Note: The above cost does not include the processing fee.)

*Future Online Course Dates: TBD

Read the FAQ for more information.