“IHE helped me wed what seemed like opposing forces: conviction AND compassion, passion AND patience. I learned to channel my concern for humans, animals, and our planet into effective ways of creating change and found a brilliant, inspiring community along the way! It has opened so many doors for me and given me the confidence to open a few of my own!”
~ Kristina Hulvershorn, M.Ed. graduate

“This was the most meaningful and life-changing educational experience of my life.”
~ Hyungjoon Kim, Graduate Certificate

 “I have learned that humane education is truly a way of life. It’s a way to exist in a world that is in constant need of guidance, and whether it knows it or not, is always seeking better solutions.”
~ Kyle Maupin, M.A. student

 “IHE’s graduate program helped me to articulate the need for systemic changes within the educational system and inspired me to envision possibilities for how my work could catalyze and contribute to such change.”
~ Ariane White, M.Ed. graduate

 “IHE’s graduate program changed my life. I made a complete career change and am living my dream as a classroom teacher. My degree has opened many doors, such as facilitating workshops on creative ways to integrate humane education concepts in classroom teaching. My work is incredibly fulfilling and continues to evolve in unexpected ways.”
~ Cynthia Trapanese, M.Ed. graduate

 “This program really did lead me to a place where I can manifest my dreams and helped me to gain momentum, in a time in my life when I was feeling really stuck. Thank you for being a part of my journey; these connections I’ve built have been more meaningful than I can describe here in words.”
~ Maria Ruiz, M.Ed. graduate

 “This program has changed me … and could not have come at a better time within my own personal life. What I’ve been experiencing of late, coupled with the insights this course has given me and the questions it has opened my eyes to, have helped to give me an entirely new approach to life, to my relationships, to my activism, to my learning, to my teaching, to my personal growth…. I have been able to better recognize the importance of modeling and living our own truths. I always touted this idea before, because all educators are told to model, but no one ever really tells us what modeling means. I spent my classroom days thinking that to model in the classroom meant writing practice paragraphs on the board and demonstrating expectations through sample assignments. Not once did I stop to consider that modeling connects with all facets of our interactions. Even as an activist we hear that modeling is the best way to help people see the benefits of whatever you are fighting for…. If we truly wish to lead by example, then we must embody the world we want to see.”
~ Kyla Cruz, M.A. student

 What Students and Graduates Say about Humane Education Residency

“Residency exceeded any expectations and hopes I had. The only way I can describe it is one of the best weeks of my whole life…. I was feeling a little lost before Residency. I was searching for some direction and clarity. This week provided that for me. I realized what I want to do! When I discovered the Institute for Humane Education, I felt like I found my calling. This week at Residency, I discovered how to turn that into a career path.”
~ Marlee Turim, M.Ed. graduate

 “At residency, I learned that Humane Education is big, expansive, and growing. I learned that AMAZING things have happened, are happening, and will be happening soon. I learned that people will surprise you in fantastic ways. I learned that I am made for this, and I am part of something good, something beneficial, and something that is needed.”
~ Nate Nolting, M.Ed. student

 “I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say that this week was truly life-changing. To have this experience was so moving, powerful, and beyond words. Thank you for helping guide me outside of my comfort zone and experience true growth. The love, support, and camaraderie that was established here is so valuable, and I’m just so incredibly grateful.”
~ Taylor Wagner, M.A. student

 “I cannot explain in words how amazing, humbling, transformational, exciting, engaging, fun and meaningful this week has been. I feel happier, lighter, and more excited than ever before…. I learned techniques to bring back to my classroom that will enrich my students’ lives, not just their grades…. I came with an open mind but found it was my heart that opened the most…. I couldn’t believe how well each activity dovetailed with the next. Masterful planning.”
~ JJ Morrissey, M.Ed. graduate

 “Residency was amazing. There were so many forms of learning that everyone had a chance to excel.”
~ Lori Carscadden, M.A. student

 “Literally everything was valuable!

  • Better critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge about different topics
  • Outdoor activity ideas
  • Fun icebreakers and daily wrap-ups
  • Collaborating and teamwork
  • How to better my presentations
  • Possible career directions
  • Clarity and courage!”

~ Sarah Castle, M.A. graduate

 Humane Education Residency went leaps and bounds beyond my expectations. This experience has become my emotional and mental home.”
~ Natalie Krivas, M.Ed., Ph.D. candidate