Solutionary Micro-Credential Program Testimonials

“Amazing, a truly thoughtful, meaningful, and well-organized process and guide to engage students in authentic, real-world learning that matters and truly creates a positive impact on our world.”

“This is a great introduction to solutionary thinking. The program helps you wrap your mind around how to design learning around solutionary values, and why they are so important for today’s learners, who are global citizens.”

“This is a wonderful way to recommit to teaching our students how to engage as change-making citizens in our communities, the country, and the world!”

“IHE’s solutionary program will prepare students to successfully navigate their world, and teachers will enjoy the process of moving their students from engaged to empowered learners.”

“This is critical work we must do. This program helps immerse and prepare you to do the work.”

“The resources this program provides are so great. There is a lot of organization and planning that goes into teaching like this, but this program really helps provide useful resources and guidelines.”

“This is a well-developed step-by-step process to have our learners be future leaders.”

“I would say that while we as people care about many issues, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered to take action. This program helps you direct your focus and energy and is empowering to help you care for your world and teach young people these important lessons.”

“This is the most powerful teacher training course I have ever participated in. It will change your teaching practice and personal choices that you make in your daily life. A truly enriching experience that will help you to enjoy your job in a new way as well as your general everyday life!” 

“I have learned the heart and soul of teaching from the Solutionary Micro-credential Program. It is very much ‘micro’ in content and design while being challenging at the same time. I now have the structure and framework to become an education leader for a better future.”