Solutionary Guidebook

We are excited to offer you a free, digital Solutionary Guidebook to help your students and children build solutionary practices. Our guidebook offers a rationale and step-by-step process for educating people to be solutionaries. It also offers case studies covering elementary through higher education along with many resources.

The guidebook will help you guide young people to:

  • Research problems that concern them
  • Identify the underlying causes of problems
  • Find leverage points for solving problems
  • Collaborate on solutions that are good for people, animals, and the environment
  • Implement their solutions and become successful solutionaries

The Solutionary Guidebook has been translated into several languages:

“Coaching students to become solutionaries is one of the most important things that schools can do. Teachers may agree but not know where to start. The Solutionary Guidebook provides a clear process with examples and resources that any teacher can use to develop the research, systems analysis, and critical and creative thinking skills that young people need to become solutionaries. This amazing guide offers teachers a dependable companion as they dive into this essential work with their students. I have not seen anything quite like it in my 25 years as an educator. Five stars!”

Julie Meltzer, 2019 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year

Watch the webinar below to learn how to use the Guidebook’s solutionary process with your students.