Solutionary Congress Programs

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Students solving real problems.

The SCP is an academic program that brings meaning and purpose to the lives of students and teachers—and contributes to solving the world’s greatest challenges.

How does the Solutionary Congress Program work?

In the Solutionary Congress Program (SCP) teachers receive through professional development the knowledge, strategies, and resources to integrate pressing global and local issues into their classrooms.

Students identify a problem to solve, deeply research it, then develop, refine, and implement innovative, viable solutions that do the most good.

Solutions address the root systems connected to the chosen challenge and cannot harm people, animals, or the environment.

Students present their solutions in a state, regional, or national Solutionary Congress to a panel of stakeholders who can help move their solutions to the next level.

What Students Learn

The SCP engages students to learn and care about our world’s complex, interconnected issues. Participation in the program impels them to take action. It nurtures their passions and helps them develop vital skills, such as effective researching, writing, public speaking, critical thinking, problem-solving, systems-thinking, consensus building, civics, collaboration and project management.

Want to get started with a Solutionary Congress Program?

Ideal for middle and high school learning environments, the program can be integrated into core curriculum, created as an elective, or used in an after-school or club setting.  

The SCP is currently in Phase two of its design and development. IHE is working closely with a diverse group of teachers and schools in 2016/17 to refine the program. The professional development training that accompanies the guidebook will not be available to the public until next year, when the  full-scale launch takes place.

Until then, we encourage you to take advantage of our training, resources, and support that is available to help you prepare for your own SCP program in 2017: