Share Your Solutionary Work

Would you like your solutionary work to be shared with the world? We are curating a Solutionary YouTube channel to share the most solutionary solutions to local and global problems. 

To submit a video for potential inclusion on this channel, please follow these guidelines and send the link to your video to:  

(NOTE: These guidelines are described in both the Solutionary Guidebook and How to Be a Solutionary.)

Solutionary YouTube Channel Criteria

  1. How solutionary is the solution?
  2. How feasible is the solution?
  3. If implemented, how successful was the solution in impacting the problem?
  4. How likely is it that the solution will be spread and replicated by sharing it?
  5. How well did you present your work in your video presentation, including solid research; accurate understanding of the research; and good critical, systems, strategic, and creative thinking?
  6. What was the quality of the learning from your point of view? Was this a meaningful, transformational experience?

Funding opportunity

IHE will provide up to $1,000 to solutionary groups whose work is exemplary and can be better implemented with financial support. See your guidebook for details about applying for this support.