by Francesca Ramsey
Chescaleigh, 2012
2:01 min

Conversations about race are often difficult and uncomfortable, but if we want a just, compassionate world for all, they need to happen frequently — including in schools.

In the spirit of the “Sh*t People Say” meme that has become popular in pop culture, and in specific response to the recent “Sh*t Girls Say” parody, graphic designer, social commentator, and comedian, Franchesca Ramsey, created the hit parody video “Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls.”

Ramsey’s video offers a critical examination of race, using humor and a blonde wig to highlight stereotypical offensive statements (e.g., “Not to sound racist but…” or “That’s so ghetto!” or “He’s cute for a black guy.”) and situations (like touching black women’s hair and making comments about it).

Ramsey’s video not only offers a terrific opportunity to talk with older students about issues of race (e.g., personal relationships, institutional racism, depictions of race in media and pop culture), but it also helps shed light on assumptions we make, how we see ourselves (and others), and what we may deem acceptable without having considered it critically.

Ramsey’s video could also be paired with one or more videos that actually perpetuate stereotypes against others for a more in-depth examination.

Watch the video (2:01 min):