Book cover: Those Shoesby Maribeth Boelts
Candlewick Press, 2007
Grades K-3

Jeremy wants those shoes that most of his classmates seem to have: black high-tops with two white stripes.

Grandma says “There’s no room for ‘want’ around here – just ‘need.’” And he needs winter boots.

When Jeremy’s current shoes fall apart, the counselor, Mr. Alfrey, gives him a pair of cartoon animals shoes, with Velcro! Embarrassing!

And most of his classmates laugh at his silly Mr. Alfrey shoes.

At the thrift store, Jeremy finds those shoes! But they’re too small. He tries to wear them anyway, waiting for them to stretch.

Then Jeremy notices that Antonio’s shoes are falling apart. And Antonio didn’t laugh at his Mr. Alfrey shoes. And Antonio’s feet look the right size for those shoes.

Antonio decides to give his prized shoes to Antonio.

And then it snows … and Jeremy gets to show off his brand new black winter boots!

Those shoes highlights the pressure of our consumerist society and the value of generosity and kindness.