Book cover: Peace by Wendy A. Halperinby Wendy Anderson Halperin
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2013
Grades 1-5

“For there to be peace in the world … there must be peace in nations.”

“For there to be peace in the world … you must have peace in your heart.”

Complemented by elaborate illustrations and quotes from changemakers throughout history, Halperin shares thoughts on the journey toward world peace and the power within each of our hearts to help us create a better tomorrow.

This book is not a story with a plot, but instead is a thought-walk that cycles through how peace is achieved by finding peace within ourselves and then projecting that peace out into the world through ripples that continue to move outward, until we have peace in our world.

The illustrations are beautiful and quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, and many others fill every page, inspiring readers to consider how we can work toward peace together.

Peace is useful for solutionary educators who are looking for an inspiring work to spark care and action in young solutionaries.