Screenshot of Bruce Friedrich giving TEDx talk about market forces and food technologyby Bruce Friedrich
TEDxSonomaCounty, 2018.
17:39 min 

Bruce Friedrich, co-founder and executive director of the Good Food Institute, highlights how our current food system that focuses on animal agriculture is “a terrible way to try to feed” the 9.7 billion people projected to live on Earth by 2050.

Friedrich notes that, according to numerous scientists and governmental bodies, the amounts of energy, pollution, waste, species loss, and climate change emissions associated with animal agriculture are enormous. And a greater number of those experts are calling for people to eat fewer animals.

Friedrich posits that one of the best avenues for meeting the vital goal of reducing the impacts of animal agriculture is the combination of market forces and food technology – specifically plant-based meats and clean meats.

To help illustrate the growing impact of plant-based and clean meats, Friedrich highlights three innovators: Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat; Pat Brown, founder of Impossible Foods; and Uma Valetti, founder of Memphis Meats.

Friedrich’s talk is an important illustration of how food technology innovation is working to solve several problems at their root.