Book cover: How to Heal a Broken Wingby Bob Graham
Candlewick Press, 2008
Grades PreK-2

“No one saw the bird fall.”

A bird hits a window, and no one notices. No one, except for Will.

While the rest of the city goes on about its day, unconcerned about the plight of one little being, Will knows he has to do something to help.

Will takes the bird home to help her and discovers that “A loose feather can’t be put back/but a broken wing can sometimes heal.”

How to Heal is a simple book, with simple, yet compelling illustrations.

It offers a powerful lesson for young readers about the importance of caring for those who need help, and shows that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Use this book to help nurture empathy and compassion (and the role of being an upstander) in younger children.