Book cover: I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Markby Debbie Levy
Simon & Schuster Young Books for Readers, 2016
Grades 3-5

Ruth Bader Ginsburg might not have been born a judge, but she has never been shy about standing up for herself and making her way in the world on her own terms.

In her early years, Ruth and her family defied those who discriminated against Jews or who thought that a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

When she got older, Ruth went to college and then on to law school — one of only nine women in her class — and graduated tied for first in her class. This achievement wasn’t enough to secure her a job in an era where “Boys were expected to grow up… and do big things. Girls? Girls were expected to find husbands” and not be in courtrooms. But Ginsberg persisted.

This beautifully illustrated and well-told story highlights one woman’s fight to be able to speak up for others who are disenfranchised. It includes a great mix of engaging text and vocabulary to challenge readers.

The book includes a more detailed biography, information on Supreme Court cases, and a bibliography of resources that can be accessed for further research.

Use this book as an inspiring story about being a changemaker in spite of significant challenges.