Book cover: Be Light Like a Birdby Monica Schröder
Capstone Young Readers, 2016
239 pgs
Grades 5-8

Wren is a 12-year-old girl learning how to navigate the world after her father’s death.

Her mother won’t speak of her father, and after burning all of this things, she has moved to start fresh. The only question is, how many fresh starts will her mother need before she settles down?

When they land in Pyramid, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, Wren decides that it is time to put down roots and start living again.

She gets a small after-school job and spends much of her free time at Pete’s Pond birdwatching, like she used to with her father.

When Wren learns that Pete’s Pond is going to be turned into extra space for the local landfill, she uses a class project as a springboard for change.

With the help of her partner Theo, a local man named Randle Redbird, the librarian, and many others, Wren finds the truth about the history of Pete’s Pond, and it may be just enough to save the wetland.

Be Light Like a Bird is a lovely book about healing after a loss, friendship, and seeing loved ones in a different light.

It is also a great story of changemaking, as Wren and Theo take charge of the effort to save Pete’s Pond

Use this title to help students see themselves as capable solutionaries and to explore the challenges of grief and healing.