Book cover: The Journey (illustrated refugee family)by Francesca Sanna
Flying Eye Books, 2016
Grades 1-4

The Journey is the story of a family’s journey to flee their war-torn country to find safety in another land.

Narrated through the eyes of an anonymous child and using beautiful illustrations, The Journey chronicles how a family’s lives are changed forever.

As war breaks out, and the father is killed, the surviving members of the family make the difficult decision to flee for a better life somewhere else. What follows is a perilous journey to find safety and the hope of a better tomorrow: “the farther we go…the more we leave behind.”

Because all the characters are anonymous and locations are never revealed, this book serves as a common story for refugees from many places. It also speaks to the many commonalities between all humans.

Use The Journey to discuss (in age-appropriate ways) issues such as war, refugees, immigration, and resilience.