Book cover: A Piggy's TaleBy Tod Emko and Ethan Young
Bohemian Press, 2016.
96 pgs
Grades 4 and up

After he loses his leg in an accident and is rescued by compassionate humans, Piggy the dog discovers that he has real-life super-powers!

Piggy decides to use his special powers to become the protector of other beings in New York City (and beyond).

When he meets a snarky cat who uses his “gross-bow” to shoot yucky garbage into the faces of the bad guys, and a young woman who can talk to animals, Super-Piggy forms his super-team of heroes.

In Piggy’s first adventure Piggy’s friends and several other animals are kidnapped by a couple of evil scientists who want to take the others’ super-powers for themselves. When Piggy attempts to come to the rescue, he finds himself in trouble.

And when all those Piggy has helped come to his aid, he discovers the power of the consequences of his compassionate acts.

Inspired by real-life “tripod dog” Piggy, A Piggy’s Tale is created by Tod Emoko (Piggy’s real-life dad) and illustrated by Ethan Young. The graphic novel collects all four issues of the comic, plus a new short story.

A Piggy’s Tale is a fun, adventurous, and inspiring read for both kids and adults. The sincerity, humor, and exploration of important themes, such as empathy, integrity, friendship, courage, and forgiveness make this a great tool for humane educators.

Animal and graphic novel fans will both love it.