Book cover: Piecing Me Togetherby Renee Watson
Scholastic, 2017
261 pgs
Grades 7-12


Jade is a junior at St. Francis High School, a private school on the other side of town.

Jade doesn’t love it there among the mostly-white and privileged, but she received a full scholarship, and her mom taught her to take every opportunity that comes.

Sometimes though, opportunities don’t feel like opportunities; they feel handouts.

When Jade is given the chance to join a mentoring program for students who are “at-risk” (meaning poor and black), she’s not thrilled. Jade doesn’t want to be the one always seen as needing help; she wants to be known as someone who can help others.

Will being part of a mentorship program help her reclaim some of the identity that feels stifled in the halls of St. Francis?

Sometimes, it seems, finding a place to belong can take you to places you never thought possible.

Piecing Me Together is a well-written story with an honest and thoughtful narrator with whom readers will connect.

Use this book to explore issues such as privilege, identity, prejudice, stereotypes, and how to be a changemaker.