Book cover: She Persistedby Chelsea Clinton
Philomel Books, 2017.
Grades PreK-2.

“She persisted” has become a mantra for many since the 2016 US election, but it is important to remember that the accomplishments of today’s women are built on the persistence of those who came before us.

She Persisted is a lovely picture book illustrating the tremendous work of 13 women who have done amazing things, from social justice advocates and government leaders, to athletes and artists. With diversity in both their backgrounds and their fields, this book introduces to future leaders some of the women who paved the way.

The book includes very short summaries of these 13 amazing women, but it serves as a great starting point for students to go out and explore these (and other) women in more detail.

Use this book to help inspire a new generation of changemakers and solutionaries who will persist.