Book cover: Mixed Meby Taye Diggs
Feiwel and Friends, 2015.
Grades K-3


Mike is a perfect blend of his two parents.

Mike celebrates the mixed world he lives in, but his friends have questions, like why don’t his parents match?

His dad is dark and his mom is light. “See, my dad’s a deep brown and my mom’s rich cream and honey. Then people see me, and they look at us funny.” They call him Mixed-Up Mike and everyone wants to know where he belongs.

With confidence and joy, Mike celebrates his mix and lets everyone know that he is not Mixed-Up, just mixed.

This is a sweet and simple book for young audiences.

Told from Mike’s point of view, readers get a clear sense of his joyful personality without him having to say much. It is clear that Mike is proud of his heritage and proud to be mixed. He loves his family and is determined to make sure that people see him for exactly who he is.