Book cover: Fannie Never Flinchedby Mary Cronk Farrell
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2016.
44 pgs
Grades 4-8

Fannie Sellins lived during the age of American Industrialization, and after her husband’s death, she worked at a garment factory to provide for her family.

Angered by the poor working conditions and pay provided by the factory, Fannie decided to fight back. Thus began her decades of fighting for the rights of laborers across the United States.

She helped to establish unions and led protests to help not only garment workers but also men and women of other professions — a life’s calling that would ultimately get her killed by police.

Fannie’s dedication and compassion for others paved the way for reforms across the United States.

This book is well written, yet accessible for middle grades readers without needing a great deal of background knowledge. The book includes pictures and news clippings that help bring the reality of the times to life for the reader.

Fannie Never Flinched is an important reminder of the power that a single voice can hold in starting a movement — as powerful a message now as it was during Fannie’s time.

Use this book to help explore issues such as workers’ rights, labor laws, sweatshops, and the power of collective action.