The World Becomes What We Teach: Educating a Generation of Solutionaries

The World Becomes What We Teach

The World Becomes What We Teach

How can we create a just, healthy, and humane world? What is the path to developing sustainable energy, food, transportation, production, construction, and other systems? What’s the best strategy to end poverty and ensure that everyone has equal rights? How can we slow the rate of extinction and restore ecosystems? How can we learn to resolve conflicts without violence and treat other people and nonhuman animals with respect and compassion?

The answer to all these questions lies with one underlying system—schooling. To create a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful world, we must reimagine education and prepare a generation to be solutionaries—young people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to create a better future. Zoe Weil—author, educator, and president of the Institute for Humane Education—describes how we can (and must) transform education and teaching; create such a generation; and build such a future.

What are people saying:

“If we are putting hope for the future of our planet in our young people, then they must have the tools and feel empowered to take on the world’s greatest challenges. The World Becomes What We Teach offers such direction for the very educators who are working with these young people today. I applaud such efforts and hope to see many educators and young people alike gain important insight from what Zoe Weil offers in this book.”
– Jane Goodall, DBE, Ph.D. Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace

“A manifesto for the future of education, and a series of recipes for teaching children that a humane world is not just possible––it’s inevitable, as long as we help young people engage in work that provides a slice of the solution, and a way of discovering their most authentic selves.”
– Sam Chaltain, Founding Director of the Five Freedoms Projects

“This book offers an amazingly articulated big picture, as well as a practical guide, for educational leaders, teachers, and parents around the world. An inspiring and timely vision of what’s possible both for K-12 education and our collective future.”
– Mike Johnston, Head of School, Colegio Maya Guatemala; Steering Committee, Compass Education for a Sustainable Future

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