Book cover: Follow the Moon Homeby Philippe Cousteau
Chronicle Books, 2016
Grades K-4
Vivienne is new to her community. Her mom says it will soon feel like home, but Vivienne isn’t so sure.

On Vivienne’s first day of school, her teacher, Mr. J, is introducing a new community action problem. Vivienne wants to help, but how can she, when she doesn’t even know her way around town?

One Saturday at the beach, Vivienne runs into a girl from her class who teaches her about the Loggerhead Turtles who are nesting on the beach. Vivienne and her new friend find out that the lights from the beach houses are causing the baby turtles to go the wrong direction.

Can their classroom community action project work to save the turtles before it is too late?

This is a lovely picture book, with beautiful illustrations, that really focuses on the impact that young changemakers can have in improving the environment on behalf of the nonhuman animals with whom we share it.

By showing all the steps that students took in trying to raise awareness for their issue (posters, bake sales, town meetings, etc.), readers are offered inspiration for numerous ways to take positive action in their own communities. (And to understand that social change is a multi-layered process that takes time.)

There are several sections of information in the back of the book that provide readers with avenues for additional information.

Follow the Moon Home exemplifies how young people can make a difference through research, critical thinking, and developing solutions.