Book cover: Energy Islandby Allan Drummond
Square Fish, 2015.
Grades 2-6

Energy Island is the story of one Danish island, Samsø, and the journey to energy independence for the community.

Told with beautiful illustrations, the story highlights the way that an idea slowly but steadily spread throughout a community and went on to reduce carbon emissions by 140 percent.

With a mix of narrative and informational text, Energy Island is a simple introduction to a complex story and a great way to inspire students about the power that ideas can have to inspire those around us.

This book is a great resource for teachers in the lower elementary classroom, because the narrative itself is relatively straightforward and easy to follow: Someone had an idea, people pushed back until they understood how it could benefit their community, and then they followed through to create something amazing in a short period of time.

The book also includes information boxes that highlight keywords and concepts that add a bit of depth to the text for older readers and/or for educators who want to be able to extend students’ understanding beyond the story and into the “science” behind the decisions the inhabitants of Samsø made.