“Chasing Ice” (80 min) is a beautiful documentary featuring photographer James Balog as he chronicles the “dying of glaciers” in Greenland, Iceland, and other locations throughout the world. The images featured throughout this film, using both Balog’s still photography and video, are stunning and at times heartbreaking as we watch glaciers disappear before our eyes.

Balog calls glaciers the “canary in the global coal mine,” our first signal that global climate change is here and is real. The film is completely engaging from beginning to end; the message is clear and simple, relying on the images to tell the story.

There is great passion and desperation in Balog’s voice as he implores others to stand and take notice of what is happening to our world.

The film offers a sense of the urgency in addressing global climate disruption. While it is easy to dismiss what is happening in the Arctic because we are not there, the images that Balog and his crew are able to capture are so stunning that it brings to the surface the immediacy of the issue.

The film could be useful for sparking discussions about the impact of our choices on the environment (and how that can reap consequences for all beings on the planet), as well as for inspiring research about global warming issues such as melting glaciers, and for investigating how individuals and local and global communities can best arrest, reverse, and mitigate the impacts of climate disruption on people, animals, and the earth.