humane holiday

Resources for Humane(r) Holidays

by Marsha Rakestraw

Spending on holiday gifts increases nearly every year, and despite the pandemic, the National Retail Federation forecasts overall holiday spending of just under $30 billion for 2020. A lot of that money will be spent on clothing made in sweatshops, treats created with child labor and animal exploitation, and packaging-heavy disposable products full of toxic chemicals.

Celebrations are an important part of our culture and can add true meaning and joy to our lives. We can choose to have humane holidays that are compatible with our values.

Not every holiday requires excessive consumption, but with corporate media and marketing inundating us with messages to consume and spend, those of us wanting to make choices that do the most good and least harm for all often need a little help in finding options that meet our needs and match our values.

We’ve compiled a Humane Holidays Pinterest board with ideas, resources, tips and more for holidays that are greener, and more humane, just, and joyful.