Our life-changing workshop helps you create a better world.

Whether you are an educator, parent, activist, or compassionate citizen, the Institute for Humane Education’s workshop offers you the tools, motivation, and knowledge to become a humane educator who helps others do the most good and least harm for all people, animals, and the earth.

Our workshop, The World Becomes What We Teach, is offered throughout the U.S., Canada, and occasionally overseas. It can be full or half-day.

Contact us if you’d like to bring a workshop to your community:, or (207) 667-1025.


The World Becomes What We Teach

Whether you’re an educator, educational leader, activist, or concerned citizen, The World Becomes What We Teach will help you channel your passion for a better world into effectively educating and inspiring others. This workshop is specifically designed to help you bring global ethical issues into your classroom or community through innovative activities and approaches that enable others to become solutionaries—effective problem solvers for a more humane, peaceable, and healthy world for people, animals, and the environment. You’ll learn to guide your students and audiences to:

  • acquire knowledge: by preparing them to be effective researchers able to obtain accurate information about interconnected global challenges and discern fact from conjecture;
  • think deeply: by developing their critical-, creative-, strategic-, and systems-thinking skills;
  • make compassionate and responsible choices: by fostering wonder and appreciation for the natural world; empathy for people and animals; and a commitment to doing the most good and least harm;
  • focus on solutions: by offering opportunities to collaboratively engage in problem-solving; implement ideas; and assess and improve upon them.Each workshop participant receives a copy of the book The World Becomes What We Teach by IHE President Zoe Weil. For an overview of the vision that informs this workshop, please watch Zoe Weil’s TEDx talk: The World Becomes What You Teach.