Online Courses

“This course awakens you to the critical issues of our time AND to the creative possibilities for solving them. I am buoyed up, hopeful and empowered to be part of that change, both personally and collectively.”

~ Clare Ruthenberg, Maine

Become more effective in creating a just, compassionate, and healthy world for all.

Our interactive, online classes are a great way for you to put your passion for a better world into practice. Our flexible learning environment quickly builds a powerful, cohesive community of humane educators ready to embark on a change-making journey. Each course runs for six or eight weeks. CEU’s available.


acquire knowledgeTeaching for a Positive Future is a course for classroom teachers and non-traditional educators who want to inspire their students and/or community to create a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world. With engaging course exercises, dynamic conversations, and mentorship from the instructor and peers—you’ll gain tools to teach others the skills necessary to become solutionaries for a better world. The course will:

  • increase your knowledge of humane education topics.
  • connect you with other passionate humane educators.
  • guide you to develop strategies to view your life and work through the humane education lens.
  • give you the tools to create humane and solutions-focused education lessons/projects to integrate into your classroom or work.

Meet your instructor, Marsha Rakestraw.


compassionate choicesA Better World, A Meaningful Life 
is a course for anyone wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of people, animals, and the planet and is striving to bring more joy and balance into their own life. You’ll receive thought-provoking course exercises, engage in dynamic conversations, and be mentored by your course instructor and peers. This course will help you:

  • determine what matters most to your life.
  • make choices that do more good and less harm.
  • connect with others seeking a changemaking path.
  • pursue a joyful, compassionate, and humane world for all.