Professional Development

Educate a generation of solutionaries.

IHE offers you the professional development tools to help prepare people to be solutionaries who effectively contribute to a more just and sustainable world. We offer many entry points on your journey to create a better world for all people, animals, and the earth:

Join our graduate programs to gain the skills to inspire others to take action through our M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. degrees and a graduate certificate.

Bring solutions-focused learning into your teaching and school through a Solutionary Program.

Take one of IHE’s six-week online courses to gain strategies to empower yourself and others on a changemaking path.

Participate in one of our workshops to do the most good and least harm for all people, animals, and the earth.

Visit our Resource Center  to find books, lesson plans, and other tools to support your work as a humane educator.