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Podcasts for Teaching About Racial Justice Issues

by Marsha Rakestraw

Podcasts cover imageWhere did the concept of whiteness come from (and when)?

How does our current US culture affect Indigenous standards of beauty?

Was that thing that white politician/celebrity/person in the news just said/did racist?

As the impacts of white supremacy and racial injustice gain more exposure in the mainstream, podcasts provide an important opportunity to help students explore these issues, both from historical and current perspectives.

Here are six podcasts that can help you do that:

laptop iconCode Switch by NPR
NPR journalists of color cover race, ethnicity, and culture, exploring current events, important issues, and compelling stories.

laptop iconDark Tank with Yedoye Travis
This podcast uses a creative and comic platform to discuss importance issues related to race, racism, and racial justice. Each episode a POC panel “asks a melanin deficient guest to undo the mistakes of the past by pitching solutions to pressing minority issues.” (Note: Includes frequent profanity.)

laptop iconNative America Calling with Tara Gatewood (Isleta)
Based in Albuquerue, New Mexico, this podcast features a “thought-provoking national conversation from a Native perspective.” The program includes Native-related news, guests, and discussions of Native issues, culture, and people.

laptop iconSeeing White by Scene On Radio
This 14-part podcast (from 2017) digs into the definition of “whiteness” and how that impacts racial (in)justice.

laptop iconTeaching Hard History by Teaching Tolerance
This 16-episode podcast “brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of leading scholars and educators.”

laptop iconYo, Is This Racist? With Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome
Each week the hosts and their guests answer questions about whether something is – or is not – racist. (Note: Includes frequent profanity.)

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