New Year’s Resolutions: MOGO (Most Good Least Harm) Style

by Zoe Weil

In case you’re in the market for some New Year’s resolutions (having been unable to come up with any on your own that compel you), here are 10 to pick from that won’t leave you feeling like a failure if you haven’t lost weight, written your magnum opus, or run a marathon by December 31.

1. I resolve to tell those I love and appreciate what I love and appreciate about them.

2. I resolve to thank people for the small and large things they do that improve my life, including such people as my postal carrier, a bus driver, a flight attendant, the check-out folks in stores where I shop, etc.

3. I resolve to spend at least an hour or two a week in a natural setting (park, woods, beach, meadow, back yard), observing and experiencing the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

4. I resolve to write one email, blog post, or letter, or make one phone call per month on an issue of importance to me.

5. I resolve to give __% of my income (whatever you can reasonably afford) to organizations or charities that I believe in.

6. I resolve to visit and share my ideas with my legislators in order to participate in building a better future.

7. I resolve to inquire about the effects of a few of my daily habits and choices in order to learn how I might make choices that do more good and less harm.

8. I resolve to join or start a group (local, national, or online) that enlivens me, helps me learn and grow, and enables me to contribute something positive.

9. I resolve to smile more by getting together with people, sharing jokes, playing games, telling stories, dancing, singing, and/or making music.

10. I resolve to make a new friend or two.