Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Zoe is a blogger for Psychology Today and she has been writing weekly posts about COVID-19. We’re sharing them here. We hope they are helpful to you during this pandemic.

We have been called to stay home.

If we are lucky enough to live in a safe home with people we love, this shouldn’t be too hard, but as many have quickly discovered, it can be. We are all under stress, with many under profound stress. We carry our unspoken fears privately. Minor irritations can turn into major tempests. We may be on each other’s last nerve and feel desperate for a reprieve from endless togetherness.

With that said, there are ways to make this forced togetherness truly positive, so that our relationships and love may deepen profoundly.

To turn this stressful time into a powerful opportunity for greater #LoveInTheTimeOfCoronavirus:

1. Count your blessings and express your gratitude to one another. If you are living with people you love, remember how very fortunate you are. Consider this incredible good luck a call to build the happiest household you can during these challenging times.

Thank each other for the smallest of kindnesses. Pay attention to every good deed or effort. Focus intently on the positive and express it: out loud, in handwritten cards hidden under pillows, in unexpected videos sent by text. Challenge yourself to be as generous as you can possibly be.

Pretend it’s your loved one’s birthday by showering them with kindnesses, and hold your tongue as much as possible as if it’s their birthday, too.

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