by Institute for Humane Education

Book cover: Claude and MedeaWe at the Institute for Humane Education are pleased to announce that our president, Zoe Weil’s book, Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs, has won the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for juvenile fiction.

The award is designed “to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading.” Read the complete list of winners.

Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs is the first in a series of children’s novels (ages 9 and up) promoting humane values through an exciting mystery.

Claude and Medea are two very different Manhattan 7th graders who become clandestine activists seeking out opportunities to right wrongs and do good in the world.

In The Hellburn Dogs, the duo and a group of friends team up to solve the mystery of a rash of dog thefts.

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