Impact & Stories

IHE has reached schools and communities across the globe, and our solutionary approach to education is being adopted in more and more places. 

By the numbers:

  • Our keynotes, TEDx talks, workshops, radio, film, & TV programs have reached millions
  • Our blog has been read by ~half a million
  • Our lesson plans and units & books have been used by hundreds of thousands
  • Our solutionary framework has been integrated into schools reaching 125,000+ students.
  • More than 200 alumni of our graduate programs and thousands of alumni of our workshops, courses, and trainings have:
    • started humane education programs, nonprofits, and businesses
    • led education programs for NGOs
    • become bestselling authors & award-winning filmmakers
    • brought humane education into schools as teachers & administrators


The Office of Education in San Mateo County has made our solutionary approach the philosophy and framework for their entire county that serves 113,000 students in 23 school districts. They’ve trained hundreds of teachers using Zoe Weil’s book The World Becomes What We Teach. These teachers have, in turn, created solutionary units for their classrooms. San Mateo County has also launched an annual Solutionary Fair, through which students have been sharing their solutions to problems they care about.


Oceanside School District in New York is integrating solutionary learning into the entire K-12 social studies curriculum and has also hosted a Solutionary Fair. You can read more about their work here.


The Springs Continental School in India is a solutionary school based on IHE’s vision and MOGO (most good) philosophy. Springs is also serving as a model for schools across India. You can read more about their work here.