IHE’s Rustic Guesthouse

During the humane education immersion week, we offer lodging in our rustic co-ed guesthouse for participants wishing to stay on campus. The guesthouse is situated on IHE’s 28 oceanfront acres where you may see deer, seals, foxes, bald eagles, loons, ospreys, turkeys, song birds, frogs, lightning bugs, and even the occasional moose or bobcat. There are two miles of trails through the woods, wildflower meadows, and down to the ocean.

The guesthouse offers convenient, affordable, and simple camp-like accommodations. The building includes two large rooms with bunk beds (sleeping up to 6 in one room, and up to 8 in the other), a small common area, a small kitchen area with a coffee maker, electric tea kettle, toaster, sink and mini-fridge, and one shared bathroom. One of the two rooms in the guesthouse is women only; the other is co-ed. Normally, 7-10 people stay at the guesthouse. It is rare that it is at capacity. There is a bathroom in the main building about 200’ away from the guesthouse as well.


$55/night/person. Includes self-serve breakfast food (bagels/bread with spread, cereal and non-dairy milk, fruit, coffee and tea).

What to Expect if You Stay in the Guesthouse

  • A group experience with your peers
  • A twin bed (upper or lower bunk), fitted sheet and pillow on the bed with flat sheet, blankets, and single towel provided for the week (there is no housekeeping during the week)
  • Quiet hours 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.

The Guesthouse is Right for You if…

  • You enjoy the camaraderie of living in community with fellow humane educators 
  • You don’t want to commute to campus each day by car
  • You like living in a camp-like situation 
  • You want access to woods, meadows, and ocean 24/7

The Guesthouse is Not Right for You if…

  • You need downtime/alone time in the evenings and mornings
  • You’re a light sleeper who needs quiet for a good night’s rest
  • Mice scare you (we periodically have mouse visitors at the guesthouse)

If the guesthouse is not right for you, there are many options nearby (hotels, motels, Airbnbs, campgrounds, and glampgrounds).


Please plan your travel so that you arrive at the guesthouse between 12 – 7 p.m. on the Sunday before your training week begins.

If you are unable to arrive within this time frame, please contact info@HumaneEducation.org well in advance. It is possible to accommodate arrivals only up to 10 p.m.


Even if you are staying on campus, a car per five people is still essential, as dinner is not provided and area groceries and restaurants are a minimum of five miles away. IHE graduate students will be able to coordinate flight arrivals and car-sharing through their online course platform.

What Others Have Said About Staying At the Guesthouse

“I am so happy I stayed in the guesthouse and had that experience with so many of my classmates. The bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and common room were all excellent and more than I could have hoped for. I can’t imagine not staying there.”

“I was hesitant about the guesthouse, as I am used to living alone (with cats), and I was a bit wary of the single bathroom situation. We worked it all out, and it was the best decision for accommodations because of the friends I now have.”

“It was perfect! I believe that people who don’t stay in the guesthouse are missing out on so many special moments.”

“It was exactly what I needed to do. I was apprehensive at first to stay with everyone with no alone time, but it was fantastic. I feel like I got even more from the overall experience because so many of us literally lived together.”

“Loved it and glad I wasn’t in a hotel for the duration. One bathroom worked out…. Loved the camaraderie and community. I definitely recommend the guesthouse.”

“I loved it! It absolutely enriches the experience to stay there. Everything was excellent.”

“I tend to sometimes prefer solitude and a little bit more independence, but I stretched my comfort zone a tad and as always the case with me was rewarded for doing so. I’m happy I was able to make deeper connections because of this.”

“Initially I thought one bathroom would be hard. We all got so attached to each other that nothing seemed to matter as the week went on. I would have been so sad if I had missed out on that experience. I made some lifelong colleagues and friends.”

Photos of the Guesthouse