Humane Education Resources

To help you bring humane education to others so they can be solutionaries, the Institute for Humane Education offers many free downloadable tools and resources to help you educate the next generation of solutionaries! 

Get started by checking out the links below.

  • Free downloadable Solutionary Guidebook to integrate solutionary learning into your curricula or outreach (translated into multiple languages) 
  • Lesson Plans and Curricula to use in your classroom (including lessons in Spanish) 
  • Pinterest boards to learn and teach about humane education issues. 
  • Solutionary Unit focused on a provocative real-world question for use in middle and high schools. 
  • Solutionary materials from our partners in the San Mateo County, CA Office of Education, where our solutionary approach has become the philosophy and framework for their entire county.

We hope you will bring solutionary learning to your students!

This 10-minute video offers an introduction to the solutionary process.