How to Be a Solutionary Guidebook

Our free downloadable guidebook: How to be a Solutionary: A Guide for People Who Want to Make a Positive Difference offers a step-by-step solutionary process that helps both youth and adults effectively solve problems in their communities and the world.

How to Be a Solutionary will enable you to:

  • Identify the underlying causes of problems
  • Find leverage points for solving problems
  • Develop a solution that is good for people, animals, and the environment
  • Implement your solution and become a successful solutionary

The How to Be a Solutionary guidebook has been translated into the following languages:

How to be a Solutionary will quickly become an essential resource for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Every day students are confronted with issues and problems, but they may not know where to start in addressing them. This guide provides an excellent process that will help students and changemakers of all ages frame out problems and propose just and humane solutions that can be implemented at a local or even global level. You can make a difference!”

Mitch Bickman, Director of K-12 Social Studies, Oceanside School District, NY

How to Be a Solutionary is the best material I’ve seen on the critical issue of engaging young people…. By making a clear and, above all, operational guide, you have offered a huge contribution to getting young people engaged in making our world a better one.”

Torben Riise, thought leader on the future of education

“At a time in a youngster’s life when passion and ideals are primed for igniting, How to Be a Solutionary is how to activate them!”

Scott Springer, middle school teacher, the Bay School, Maine