Meet Our Graduates

Lauren Allison, Middle School Reading Teacher in Porter, IN, earned her M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in Humane Education in 2014. “IHE’s graduate program opened my eyes to a more well-rounded idea of education and its ability to create solutions for a better world. My time at IHE was an experience that continues to influence my daily life and teaching practices. The connections I made have continued long after my degree was finished, and I am so grateful to be a part of the IHE community.”
Melissa Andrews, Director of Development, Humane Education, and Outreach at Peace Ridge Sanctuary, earned her M.A. degree in 2019 and oversees the growing comprehensive humane education programs at one of the largest nonprofit animal sanctuaries in New England. “Earning my graduate degree at IHE has given me the credentials needed to increase the vital financial support for our humane education programs at the sanctuary, allowing us to significantly grow our reach and impact.”
Susanna Barkataki, Director of Education for Ignite Institute for Social Change and Yogic Studies, Creator of the Honor (Don’t Appropriate) Yoga Summit and Framework, and E-RYT 500 Teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, earned her M.Ed. in 2010 and speaks, teaches, and supports clients in integrating authentic yoga and equity into their work and practice. “IHE’s graduate program was revolutionary in that it embodied what education can and should be – in complete integrity and humane in process as well as in goal. I implement this as the founder of an educational institution because IHE helped me see a powerful way to not only teach but to structure education.
Brianna Carr, Director of Anna’s Place NOLA, an afterschool, Saturday and summer youth program that services economically disadvantaged youth in the historic Treme, earned her M.A. degree in 2019. Brianna uses her humane education knowledge to compassionately educate the youth she services. “IHE’s graduate program has molded me into a passionate activist and educator. My degree has opened doors for my career in education through a humane lens.” (M.A., 2019)
IHE graduateRobin Coarts, Humane Educator and Founder of Plant-Based with Robin, earned her M.Ed. in Humane Education in 2019 and has since started teaching online courses focusing on Plant-Based Parenting In a Fast Food World. Through this work, Robin is able to provide support and education to families while they navigate their Plant-Based Journey with the help of her experience during the IHE graduate program. “The program at IHE provided a solid foundation based strongly in critical thinking and solution-focused problem solving. It not only encouraged me to create my web-based Plant-Based Parenting course but the courage to launch my own platform helping parents and families along the way.”
Caroline Crane, Vice President of Education at the Humane Society of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, FL, earned her M.Ed. degree in 2013. She leads a staff of four humane educators that design programs, partnerships, and lesson plans for all age levels from toddlers to adults. Their goal is to help people develop a lifelong relationship with their community so they become humane citizens. “IHE’s graduate program helped me become a better educator and communicator. I’m so happy I challenged myself!”
Shanthalakshmi Duaisamy earned her M.Ed. in 2016 and became the President and Lead educator of Salem Humane Institute for Nature and Ethics. “The unique pedagogy of IHE has enabled me to reach more than 17,000 children in and around Salem, India. I am grateful to my mentors at IHE who have helped me spread the fragrance of compassionate wisdom in the buds of India.”
solutionaryDixie Espinosa Front of House, Social Media, and Events Coordinator for Cafe Nutrients, a 100% organic and plant-based restaurant, earned her M.Ed. in 2019. In this role, she teaches, hosts, and collaborates vegan social events with local businesses to promote sustainable living, nutrition, and health practices. “My time at IHE was, in short, life changing. It helped me to explore, solidify, and merge my personal journey as a vegan and animal rights activist with my work as an educator, herbalist, and event planner. I am forever grateful for the relationships formed and the opportunity to be a lifelong member of this inspiring and solution-based community.” 
Stacy Hoult-Saros, Professor of Spanish at Valparaiso University, completed the Graduate Certificate in 2015. In addition to teaching Latin American and Latinx cultures through a humane education lens, she has given several conference presentations on humane ed in the language classroom and has a chapter on teaching environmental issues in a forthcoming MLA teaching volume. She currently chairs IHE’s Board of Directors and serves on the Advisory Council of the Humane Education Coalition. “My humane education coursework has transformed every aspect of my teaching, from developing courses on relevant, engaging topics to implementing solutionary projects that cultivate empathy as they encourage critical, creative and systems thinking. The Graduate Certificate program was the most meaningful and impactful professional development experience of my 30-year career in higher education.”
Kristina Hulvershorn, Director of Restorative and Humane Programs for Peace Learning Center and Program Manager, Indianapolis for HEART, creator of Be the Change, and author of Secret of the Troublemakers earned her M.Ed. degree in 2008.  “IHE helped me wed what seemed like opposing forces: conviction AND compassion, passion AND patience. I learned to channel my concern for humans, animals, and our planet into effective ways of creating change and found a brilliant, inspiring community along the way! It has opened so many doors for me and given me the confidence to open a few of my own!”
Michael Johnston is an independent consultant and former school head working towards educational transformation for learning with greater propose in K-12 schools. He earned his Ph.D. in organizational systems with a focus on humane education in 2017. With a balanced focus on nature, animals, wellbeing, social structures, and economics, Mike is helping schools facilitate authentic learning for students of all ages with the greater purpose of creating a better future for all. “IHE has been key to deepening my learning and application of Humane Education, and I look forward to supporting many future generations of solutionaries.”
Kim Korona, Senior Program Director for HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers), earned her M.Ed. degree in 2005 and taught youth directly for six years. She now she develops humane education resources, facilitates professional development trainings, and develops and teaches courses for educators and advocates. “The IHE graduate program and the course instructors gave me an outlet to pursue my passion. I gained the knowledge, confidence, and experience I needed to develop humane education programs and teach about these important topics to both youth and adults. Thank you for changing the course of my life!
Dana McPhall, Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Humane Education, earned her M.Ed. in Humane Education degree in 2015, and now leads IHE’s Racializing the Lens Working Group and facilitates her own course called Race, Intersectionality and Veganism as part of IHE’s graduate program. “The graduate program has allowed me to fuse my passion for racial justice with the development of educational materials and resources for humane educators to use in teaching about issues at the intersection of race and other social justice movements.” 
Becky Morgan, a 6th grade teacher at Anser Charter School, an Expeditionary Learning school in Boise, Idaho, completed her M.Ed. in 2011. Becky believes in empowering students to become compassionate changemakers and utilizes a design thinking mindset to build empathy in her students as they engage with community needs and design and implement projects locally. “IHE’s graduate program broadened my perspective on animal protection and human rights issues, and as a result I am a better teacher, more able to encourage my students to dig deeper into real world problems and possible solutions. I’m also grateful for the emotional support and encouragement I received to move from despair to action.”
JJ Morrissey, Head of Upper and Middle School at Poughkeepsie Day School in Poughkeepsie, NY, earned his M.A. in 2018 and is charged with running the daily operations of a 6-12 progressive independent school. The mission of PDS is to offer a progressive education that liberates the mind, ignites passion and purpose, and provides the world with the agile, resourceful, self-directed, community-oriented citizens it most needs. “IHE open my eyes to a new focus for educating our children; one that is built on love for ourselves, for each other, for our planet, and for all those with whom we share this earth. I use my IHE experience every single day, and it has been such a valuable asset for me in my work.
Rosana Ng, Environment Program Manager, earned her M.Ed. in 2016 and works on improving regulation of the wildlife trade in Hong Kong via legislative reform. “IHE’s graduate program opened my eyes to systemic oppression towards people, animals, and the environment.  Since I embarked my humane education journey, I was able to use the knowledge and skill I learned from IHE to drive systemic change in culturally responsive ways.”
Regina Rumford, a secondary learning leader at Colegio Maya in Guatemala City, Guatemala earned their Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Humane Education in 2018 and their Humane Education certification in 2015. “IHE’s graduate program provided me with the tools to design a humane education curriculum that inspires systemic, solutionary-focused action. My educational experience at IHE shaped the trajectory of my career and continues to yield unparalleled opportunities.”
Kurt Schmidt, Contract Academic Instructor at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and Formation Director at Christ Church (Anglican) Cathedral in Fredericton, New Brunswick, earned his M.Ed. degree in 2011. Kurt loves to share the vision, principles, and solutionary encouragements with his students of mathematics in a couple of campus ‘corners’ at UNB – the aboriginal/indigenous students he instructs through the Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre and the leadership-program students he instructs at Renaissance College. Kurt also manages to inject humane ed ideas and activities into his faith formation work through his church community. “My studies at IHE confirmed and nourished my conviction that excellent education is the most important thing we humans can ‘do’ with one another. Lifelong learning driven by curiosity, kindness, and critical awareness is precisely where it’s at for me professionally, in my family life, and in all my other relationships.” 
Cynthia Trapanese, Lead Teacher in First Grade at the New School of San Francisco, and Faculty for IHE, earned her M.Ed. degree in 2014. Cynthia has been teaching two electives for IHE since Fall 2014, one of which was researched and designed as her thesis. “IHE’s graduate program changed my life. I made a complete career change, and am living my dream as a classroom teacher. My degree has opened many doors, such as facilitating workshops on creative ways to integrate humane education concepts in classroom teaching. My work is incredibly fulfilling and continues to evolve in unexpected ways.”
Ariane White, Supervisor/Coordinator of Clinical Fieldwork for the Department of Teaching and Learning at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, earned her M.Ed. in 2010. In addition to her work at LMU, Ariane facilitates dialogue spaces, workshops, and restorative justice processes with AWARE-LA and White People 4 Black Lives as a part of her lifelong commitment to anti-racist efforts. “IHE’s graduate program helped me to articulate the need for systemic changes within the educational system and inspired me to envision possibilities for how my work could catalyze and contribute to such change.”