Tuition and Admission

Applicants apply for the humane education programs through Antioch University. This can be done online here. Application materials include an undergraduate transcript from an accredited college or university, two letters of recommendation from people who can attest to your ability to succeed at the graduate level (no relatives), a $50 non-refundable application fee, and a statement of purpose. For a full description of requirements, please visit AUNE admissions here.

*In certain cases, Antioch University New England does not require an applicant to have completed an undergraduate degree. Information can be found here.

The graduate degree programs (M.Ed. and M.A. in Humane Education) are 33 credits.

The Graduate Certificate program is 15 credits.

Cost for the M.Ed. and M.A. degree:
33 credits at $732 per credit plus $125/semester student service fee = $24,213

Cost for the Graduate Certificate program:
15 credits at $732 per credit plus $125/semester student service fee = $11,290

Cost for Ed.D. program:
60 credits at $925 per credit plus $75/semester student service fee = 56,175

Financial Aid Available

Additional costs
A one-week Humane Education Residency is encouraged for the M.Ed., M.A. students, and doctoral students, which incurs travel, food, and lodging costs. Learn more about the Humane Education Residency here.

Tuition does not include the cost of books.

Note: the cost above is based on current tuition rates and is subject to change by Antioch University. Please find out more about financial aid options here.